Project Background

The perception of refugees as solely passive receivers of humanitarian aid or different integration measures is changing as the result of growing activities and advocacy of migrant and refugee-led CSOs (like SYVNL in the Netherlands and GFR in Greece). Migrant activism manifests in different ways, through various cultural activities aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue and cultural visibility and political and policy advocacy that refugee and migrant groups try to assert in the political arena.

These advocacy efforts for greater inclusion in the policy-making processes can be seen in connected fields – such as legislation on racism and discrimination, anti-Muslim hatred, integration, asylum, and migration, as well as labor rights, etc. There is a greater understanding on all levels (from EC and national governments) that including people in the policy-making process of laws and regulations that directly concern them will result in more inclusive, coherent, and needs-based policies.

Project Summary

The main aim of this project is therefore to see a dramatic improvement in the quality of enjoyment of human rights by refugees and is based on the idea of supporting the active inclusion of marginalised, vulnerable or excluded communities. With this, the project seeks to strengthen refugee inclusion by supporting the empowerment of those refugees who want to play an active role in their communities and at the EU level. Through the project, community needs, strengths and trends will be identified, and we will seek to produce an educational package that will tackle these challenges and provide improved skills to overcome them.

Advocacy workshop 30/ 31 October

Syrian Volunteers in the Netherlands (SYVNL) is organizing an online workshop that introduces the concepts of refugee-led advocacy, self-organization, and how to build advocacy strategies to influence refugee/migrant policies. Based on academic concepts and practical examples Mohammed Badran will bring his own experience in doing advocacy in the Netherlands and internationally. The workshop will be based on the Erasmus+ toolkit and the Refugee Academy report and is part of the AMIF-funded project.

Please let us know if you would like to join the workshop by filling out this form and choosing one of the dates. Please note that this workshop is for refugee-led and migrant-led organizations and refugee/migrant advocates.

Sunday 30 October 11:00 – 13:00


Monday 31 October 16:00 – 18:00

(Zoom link will be shared later)

To register via the link